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Decisions, decisions..

First of all, thanks to everyone that's joined so far. sunnyskittlez, better known as Alyx will be back Friday hopefully, and I can't make any final decisions until then. Buut..

I feel that the name should be changed to "hal_daily" because there isn't a community like that yet, and this can be easily compared to halsparksfans, which made me start to think about it =\

So, we're faced with a few options, even though there aren't that many people here yet. We could either:
- Re-form the community to hal_daily
- Keep this community like it is and pimp it out to make it active
- Add another feature that'll seperate it from the rest of the Hal communities.

I was thinking about a graphics community- but then someone over at halsparksfans created one, so that's not an option anymore. I just need your opinions, because you're the members. Do you feel it's too alike to the other communities? Did you join it just because you love Hal or because you want updates and when he's on TV and such?

Please tell me what you think. It's important to the community and how it runs, and who joins. All opinions are appreciated and thought over ^___~

Once again, thanks for joining!
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