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halthespark's Journal

I'm the chicken clucker's friend

I'm not the chicken clucker
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1) A pretty obvious rule, but nevertheless, you must be a Hal fan. No haters or accusers, this is a fan community, people :D
2) In this community, you are allowed to post icons, pictures, quotes, articles, topics.. anything about Hal- it simply has to relate to him. If you decide to post a wallpaper, please make it under a cut, and the same with pictures that are just too big; I'll let you be the judge. We don't wanna clog up f-lists =P
3) If you're new to this community or to loving Hal- longer fans don't show off or anything. No need to think you're better than someone.
4) You can pimp out other Hal communities- but only under a cut. They have to be Hal communities, or you can't pimp them out here =P
5) If you have a question about Hal or the community, feel free to ask it. If enough questions gather, we'll start up a FAQ.
6) Have fun and try to be active!

Thanks for reading! If any rule is broken, you will have a day to either edit or delete, or the post will be deleted for you. Just the way things work- if you have any specific questions or anything else, please e-mail me:: musichaven@cfl.rr.com

Other Info
Alright- since this community can be related to others, I've decided to add another feature. Contests! The following contests are being considered on including to this community-- icon contests, quote contests, movie contests and such. These things will be explained in a post if we decide on doing this.

Enjoy! ^___^