Al (primreceded) wrote in halthespark,

fan site

Hey all. Some of you may remember the old fan site Halcoholics, most of you probably don't. We were big back along with Hal's Angels. Anyway, I'm working on bringing it back. I'm putting a call out for anything fandom made. Wallpaper, fic, vids. Whatever. Queer as Folk is absolutely welcomed, Hal was on it afterall. Though Michael has to be a predominant player in whatever it is.

The site isn't complete yet, but there's a bit of an "update" page here for now. Eventually I would like to get hosted somewhere else.

Anyways. If you have anything, feel free to comment here or at my own LJ in any post. You will of course be given full credit to whatever you're sending in. If you know anyone who has anything, spread the word, too :D

Thanks a lot,
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